Chris Varwig makes student centered decisions in all aspects of her work as a Board Member.  
Opportunity for All Students


Chris supports diverse educational opportunities, recognizing the importance career tech, arts education and  offering an array of extracurricular and athletic opportunities.   Growing and supporting the whole student promotes improved academics and graduation rates.  

Student Centered

Advocating for our Public Schools

At a state and local level, Chris advocates for Toledo Public Schools, seeking balanced policy that does not promote a culture of "test and punish" for our students and teachers.  

Family and Community Engagement


As the Board sponsor for Parent University and establishing the Family and Community Engagement Committee during her Board Presidency, Chris strives to provide avenues for students' families and the  community at large to connect with Toledo Public Schools. 

Responsible Steward of Public Funds

A record of promoting fiscal responsibility, voting to maintain a stable fiscal environment and to invest in in operations changes that result in shifting more funds to student services.

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