Chris Varwig began her journey as a passionate advocate for public education the first day she volunteered in her daughter’s kindergarten classroom. Since that moment, she has taken her desire for every child to receive a quality education to the TPS School Board, shaping student centered policy. Chris promotes the need for effective and efficient support in Columbus and Washington D.C. Chris is looking forward to meeting with voters to discuss the accomplishments made within the district and the challenges that still lie ahead.

Chris Varwig currently serves as President of the Toledo Public School Board. Chris was elected to the TPS School Board in November 2013 for the term 2014-2017.  

Chris is seeking re-election to the Toledo Public School Board in November.

She is a Bowsher High School graduate. Chris and her husband, Randy, a Woodward High School graduate, have been married for 27 years. Chris' daughter attended Beverly, Byrnedale Jr. High, and Bowsher High School.  Chris volunteered in TPS schools for over 15 years before seeking a board position, and understands the parent and student experience.

Chris seeks to emphasize student centered decision in her service to the Board.  She has served on the following Board committees: Finance, Policy, Curriculum, Athletics, OSFC, Community and Public Relations, and Family and Community Engagement.

Chris has been working hard to accomplish the following goals:

• Holding the district financially responsible to the taxpayers of Toledo

• Improving graduation rates

• Increasing parent and community engagement

• Improving Kindergarten readiness

• Increasing student opportunities (ex. Recess, Arts, Athletics, Career Tech)

• Increasing opportunities for Community Hubs

• Being a champion for public education at the local/state/federal level

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